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Program 2015
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CRRAE-UMOA Exhibition Centre - Plateau, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

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Chairman Opening Remarks and about the day ahead


Pan Africa Business Coalition Supporting national business coalitions in the Fight against HIV/AIDS
The work of the pan-African Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria and how its members are exploiting their resources and world class expertise to bring value to national business coalitions in communities where they operate, and national projects and programs fighting to make AIDS history.


Behavioural Changes Methodology for Preventing Diseases
Behavioural change has been a key ingredient in the mix of solutions to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. The public has been taught that multiple sex partners, multiple wives and intra generational sex are significant factors spreading HIV and AIDS. But what degree of behavioural changes have there been in Ivory Coast since the peak of the AIDS epidemic in 2006, and how have they specifically impacted upon the spread of AIDS, and what measures does the government use to test for degrees of changes in behaviour and related impact?

9:55 Reality TV and HIV/AIDS 
All around the world Reality TV programs are gripping the local populace like no other programs before. Shows Like Big Brother and The X Factor are being used to create social change in national cultures. Could a Reality TV program called 'AIDS Brother' or 'The AIDS Factor' exploiting auditions and live formats wherein ordinary people promote testimonies about their good behaviour and actions to curb HIV and AIDS are celebrated and given recognition and prizes by judges, contribute towards making AIDS history in Southern Africa?

Mining in Ivory Coast and Prevention and Care
Health is wealth and wealth brings health! Ivory Coast is among Africa's most politically stable countries, and the nation's mining industry is the bedrock of the economy, the largest contributor of foreign exchange and export earnings. So how did the industry deal with the challenges of fighting AIDS and TB among its workforce while at the same continue to be a key contributor to the economy and national welfare? Chairman, Ministry of Mines, Ivory Coast.


Sex Tourism and the spread of STD and AIDS
Sex is rapidly becoming another form of tourism in the countries of Africa, especially in East and Southern Africa where many key tourism resorts play haven to vice behaviour more likely to increase the spread of HIV. What kind of programs are in existent to support tourist places and businesses and the sex workers that frequent them concerning the communication of good behavioural practise, distribution and access to condoms, and visits for voluntary counselling and testing.

Chairman's remarks and introduction of Sponsor's Briefs
11:15 Using Community Ministries of Diseases to Make AIDS the Enemy History 
Achieving zero new infection of HIV by 2020 is realizable with innovative and bold new methodologies that target AIDS as the ENEMY, and commit to fight it unto death with empowering Community Ministries teaching good practises to prevent HIV infections inside locations and venues prone to low and high risk behaviour; casinos, night clubs, bars, internet cafe's, public taxis, media, shopping malls, and sport venues.

Religious Ministries and how they impact upon AIDS in Ivory Coast
Analysis of statistics for Christians and Moslems infected with the HIV virus and living with the disease makes interesting reading. But how are faith leaders and their representative bodies working with each other and with the national response strategy to reduce the level of new HIV infections, and care for people living with the disease?


Chairman's remarks and introduction of Presentation defining TB and Malaria


Rolling-Back malaria in vulnerable groups in remote areas
Children are the most at risk groups from Malaria suffering from the greatest mortality from the disease, especially in rural areas. How Malaria is being eradicated in Ivory Coast, specifically targeting the under fives?
Director of Public Health and Research, Federal Ministry of Health, Ivory Coast


Genexpert impact upon TB in Ivory Coast
What difference has investment in Genexpert made upon TB in Ivory Coast in terms of reducing the burden of disease, diagnostics and testings and the challenges surrounding the technology and its effective application?

12:40 Trade and Industry and infectious diseases
Infectious diseases are often directly linked to sufferers' economic status, income and education levels, employment capacity and business opportunities. How the country's business and trade development ministries are working to increase supply of resources, economic development and business opportunities to benefit citizens in their communities.
Director General, Ivory Coast Development Corporation

(Third Journalists' Briefing 13:00 to 13:30) Chairman's introduction and opening remarks about the private sector's response to infectious diseases and how they are contributing to the work of the public sector


Ivory Coast's Frontline Public Hospitals
Meeting the needs of patients and consumers' demand and the capacity to satisfy demand requires that frontline hospitals possess the necessary resources to meet the challenges of diseases. How the frontline hospitals in Ivory Coast are meeting the challenges of the burden of diseases in Ivory Coast with the allocation of resources at their disposal.


The Private sector's response in the SADC region
The response of the private sector (businesses, investors, private hospitals, Medicare and NGOs) in Ivory Coast and the SADC region to diseases, and how they are working to partner the public sector with their profits, technology, and management skills.

15:00 PEPFAR in Ivory Coast
PEPFAR and its partnership with Ivory Coast and how the organization is supporting governments in the region to strengthen health systems and provide citizens with access to cost-effective, quality and affordable health and Medicare
15:20 Finance for PPP in SADC
What financial and other resources are available in the SADC region to develop and finance Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and what channels are available for local people and organisations to access these resources?
15:40 The Media's role Partnering the National Response Strategy against Disease
The work of national broadcast media in Ivory Coast and the region to educate, inform, and create awareness among the public, about risky behaviour, and how they are supporting the national response strategy with their national and regional resistance strategies.
Ivory Coast Newspaper
16:00 Challenges of Medicare in Rural Areas
Ivory Coast's rural landscape and levels of HIV infections and the Medical infrastructure coping with the challenges of AIDS and other disease in environments lacking resources away from the major communication channels in the cities.

Appraisal of the conference and passing of MOU's
Summary of the event's content, goals, and future in terms of formats and structures to facilitate the promotion of PPPs in Africa; strategies to influence partners in health development, parliamentarians, and other stakeholders to participate under an umbrella that is pro PPPs and actively seeking opportunities for engagements. Audience and panel involved in a review of the event.
Chair person to submit a report for inclusion in the Organizer's brief; and finally about the timing and destination of the next event. President Medical Association Ivory Coast.

17:15 End of Day II