Registration: 4 July 2012 13:00 to 17:00
Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka, Zambia

DAY 2 | DAY 3

9:00 - Chairman’s opening remarks and introduction of the morning presentations

Conference Chair: Dr Fuad Temam, President of Ethiopian Medical Association

9:30 - Assigning Malaria to the Past - Ethiopia’s National Response to Malaria, its treatment and eradication

Why is Malaria still prevalent in Africa when it has been eradicated in most other places? Ethiopia’s national Malaria Control Program and how it is working to prevent Malaria at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, in terms of national and regional leadership and awareness and trends in infection rates
Dr Daddi Jima, Deputy Director, Ethiopian Health, Nutrition and Research Institute (EHNRI)

9:50 - Rolling Back Malaria across Africa

Ethiopia’s projects and programs on the treatment of Malaria, and technology and science that are active in the fight to rid Ethiopia and the region of the disease in the 21st century.
Mr. Meseret Aseffa Yenehun, Malaria Focal Person, Health Promotion Disease Directorate

10:10 - State of Malaria in Africa and the rest of the World

Comparative assessment about incidents of Malaria in Africa and the other regions of the world and the state of the disease in terms of prevention and current trends.
Dr Abraham Aseffa, Scientifi c Director, Armauer Hansen Research Institute


10:55 - Chairman remarks and introduction of the Key Sponsor’s Seminar on Diabetes


11:00 - Tuberculosis - Advocacy in Action

Towards a joint agency for advocacy to work to enhance the profile of TB across Africa and globally; to attract additional resources and support to strengthen universal prevention and care programs. Panel consisting of parliamentarians, TB activists, and the private sector in discussion about connecting national TB prevention and care policies under a common / regional existing structure, better suited for joint advocacy for prevention and care. Chaired by Mrs Lucy Chesire, HIV/TB Advocate, ACTION Project, Kenya, Mrs. Therese Lethu, Consultant, former GBC Director, and Chief Austin Arinze, STOP TB Partnership,
Dr Valentine Engoudou Doualla-Mouteng, CEO Pan African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS Mrs Mulu Abraha, Health Promotion Disease Prevention Directorate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health, Mr Peter Mehlape, BD General Manager, Southern and East Africa.

12:30 - Questions and Answers


14:20 - Chairman’s Introduction and opening remarks

14:25 - Impact of USAID programs upon HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases

The work and experiences of USAID partnerships and collaborations inside Ethiopia with the private and public sectors in building up capacity inside communities and their delivery institutions where health and social welfare programs are concerned. Challenges faced by USAID, and achievements and milestones reached by USAID in social welfare in Ethiopia or in the region. Ms. Meri Sinnit, HAPN Chief, USAID Ethiopia

14:45 - GTZ Services (IS) Working in Partnership with the Ethiopian Government

GTZ IS assisting with the overall management of large-scale construction programs on behalf of the Ethiopian Ministry of Health. How these major construction programs are helping to build capacity in prevention and care of disease in Ethiopia’s local communities, especially in remote and vulnerable regions? FINAL PLENARY

15:05 - Chairman’s closing remarks about TB and introduction to the next presentations about the private sector’s response to infectious diseases in and the Financing of health and Medicare in Ethiopia

The Private Sector’s Response:

The response of the private sector, businesses, investors, private hospitals, Medicare and NGOs, to communicable and non-communicable diseases across Ethiopia and East Africa. How are they exploiting commerce, technology, resources, sciences and skills, to invest in indigenous projects and programs to build capacity and increase all round prevention and care, treatments and best practises.

15:10 - Issues relating to policy, planning, monitoring and evaluation of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Bridging the gaps in terms of financing healthcare in rural and urban areas in Ethiopia, and the impact of investments upon prevention of disease in Ethiopia, through good coordination and exploitation of available funding assistance for the health sector in Ethiopia.
Mr. Roman Tesfay, Policy, Plan and Finance General Directorate, Ethiopian Health Ministry

15:30 - Responses of Private Hospitals

How services contribute to healthcare and build up the private sector response to healthcare and work with the public sector to provide healthcare services and assisting in building up the private services supply chain.
Akeza Teame, MD, Medical Director Saint Yared Hospital (Private Hospital)

15:45 - National Business Coalition working in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria

The work of members of the Ethiopia Business Coalition in pursuit of prevention of infectious diseases inside the work environment and challenges faced by businesses in Ethiopia and the region, especially NGOs and vulnerable group.
Mr Tadesse Tekallign, CEO, EBCA, Ethiopia

16:05 - The Private Sector Support of the National Response Strategy in the fight to prevent Diseases

The Addis Ababa Chamber of commerce, and the work of its member companies supporting government response strategies in local, regional, and remote communities across Ethiopia. Also how businesses and communities work in trust and support of each other in pursuit of prevention, and to build resources to make the war against infectious diseases sustainable and successful.
Mr Ayalew Zegeye, President Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce

16:25 - The Role of the Media in support of National Strategies against Infectious Diseases

The work of newspapers and other visual and broadcast media in communities across Ethiopia and the region to educate, inform, and create awareness, especially about HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria; and to what degree does the media impact upon the national Response Strategy against diseases in Ethiopia?
Mr WondimKun Alayou, Sales and Marketing Manager, Ethiopia Press Agency

16:45 - Chairman and sponsors brief:

Appraisal of conference and passing of Motions or Declarations about the event’s content/ goals/ future and how it should be exploited to influence health partners, parliamentarians, developmental agencies, and other conferences in Africa and globally. Audience and panel involved in a review of the event and the chair person brief to submit a 1000 words report for inclusion in the final event report prepared by the organisers; and finally about the timing and destination of the next event.
Chaired by Dr. Fuad Temam, President Ethiopia Medical Association

17:30 - END OF DAY



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