Registration: 4 July 2012 13:00 to 17:00
Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka, Zambia

DAY 2 | DAY 3

8:45 - Welcome Message and introduction of the 5th National Business Coalition

Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference. Introduction of key sponsors, and James Norris, Project Director, and CEO of Corporate Africa
Ms Kellie Whitlock, Event Manager, Corporate Africa Conferences

Mr. Bernard Miti Ceremonial Opening with Kaselo Community Dance Theatre



Focus upon Health and Medicare services in Africa The annual Patnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference works in collaboration with international investors and members of the private and public sectors and their suppliers' chain, governments, and developmental agencies. The primary aim of the event is to advocate Private Public Partnerships' projects and programs with goals to prevent and reduce the burden of infectious diseases in Africa. The conference proivides an international platform for the private and public sector to investigate and explore ways in which the public sector can engage and tap into the rich resources of the private sector to partner new or existing projects or programs whose goals are to prevent or treat diseases. There will also be a look-back at the achievements of past Africa Health Conferences and the processes of which PPPs emerged. Introduction of Dr Maureen Chisembele, Chairperson of the 5th Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference.
Mr James Norris, Conference Director, CEO Corporate Africa

9:10 - Welcome ceremony and opening remarks

Introducing the conference objectives: promoting private public partnerships (PPPs), bringing the wealth and expertise, resources and best practices of corporate investors and the private sector into collaboration and partnerships with the public sector to create new projects and programs to build capacity for prevention and care across Zambia's health and Medicare infrastructure: outlining the key sponsors, plenary sessions and workshops. Introducing the next presentation.
Dr. Maureen Chisembele, President of Zambia Medical Association

9:20 - Zambia’s PPP landscape

Successful private public partnership porjects or programs in Zambia and how they are benefiting communities and national health and Medicare. The response from Zambia's private sector to opportunities to partner the public sector in programs that could bring value to the national health and Medicare infrastructure (hospitals, clinics, communities, and health insurance agencies) contributing to the building of capacity and strengthening of the national response strategy to combat infectious diseases. Opportunities for foreign investors and the private sector to partner Government and the public sector in Zambia.
Dr. Christopher Simoonga, Director of Planning and Health Policy, Federal Ministry of Health, Zambia Chairman's remarks and introduction of the Honorable Minister of Health Zambia OPENING ADDRESS

9:40 - Zambia's Ministry for health and opportunities for PPPs

Opening address by Dr. Joseph Kasonde, Honorable Minister of Health, Zambia. Welcoming investors and supporting the cause for prevention and care related to infectious diseases and the need for the public and private sector to work together in private public partnerships to engage opportunities that are capable of reducing the burden of infectious diseases that can contribute to the well-being and health of employees and human capital making them more able to serve industry and the national cause.
Dr Joseph Kasonde, Minister of Health, Federal Ministry of Health, Zambia

Photo Shoot and meeting of key sponsors and Honorable Health Minister


10:30 - Chairman’s remarks and introduction of the first Panel Discussion



Building Sustainable Partnerships between Zambia ’s private and public sectors This is a 90 minutes open interactive session in which leading investors and their suppliers' chain will engage in dialogue with the public sector and their developmental partners about the ingredients necessary to build an environment of trust out of which thriving sustainable win-win private public partnerships can come forth, and generate tangible and measurable benefits that can impact positively upon prevention and care in Zambian health and Medicare. Also, the conditions most suited for successful PPPs and how to manage expectations of both private and public sectors. Panel format will include several 5 minute presentations followed by an interactive debate.
Chaired by Mr. Maurice Diamond, Group Communication Director Crown Agent; panel includes, BD, RTT Logistics, Riders for Health, Ministry of Health, Stop TB Ghana.


11:50 - Challenges of HIV/ AIDS in Zambia during the 21st century

The work of Zambia’s National Council for HIV/AIDS, STI and TB, and how the organisation is spearheading the national response strategy to combat HIV/AIDS and related diseases; its capacity to pursue and reach national disease prevention goals and targets, and how scarcity of resources impact upon progress in relation to targets, and building confidence and trust among partner agencies and organisations..
Dr. Clement Chela, Director General, National HIV/AIDS, STI - TB Council

12:10 - The state of health and Medicare in Zambia

Zambia’s frontline Medicare services, including key private and public hospital; hospitals with international standards, their capacity and capabilities in relation to consumers’ demands in key cities and rural areas; availability and access to medicines and other resources, including technology, and treatment programs, specialist hospitals (women, eyes, children, maternity and hospices), higher professionals (doctors and nurses), patient ratios, teaching and training at universities and hospitals.
Dr. Gardner Syakantu, Director, Medical Services Directorate, Federal Ministry of Health, Zambia

12:25 - RTT Logistics Partnering for Prevention and Care

RTT Logistics is a major logistics partner supporting the private and public sectors across the world to achieve their desired goals re access to medicines and treatments for prevention and care.
Ms. Maeve Magner, Executive Director RTT Trans Africa, RTT Health Sciences

12:45 - Partnering to Support National Response Policies

The work of Oxfam in Zambia to encourage active and responsive citizenry which can feed into Government policies and strategies and impact upon national prevention and care goals and targets for health and Medicare including delivery of services, annual health budgets, accountability, and transparency.
Ms Nellie Nyang'wa, Country Director, Oxfam

13:00 - Achieving Zambia’s Health Millennium Development Goals

The World Health Organization (WHO) is foremost among contributors to global healthcare development especially in developing nations. A look at the role played by the WHO to support Zambia's national response strategies to communicable diseases and what the organisation could do to influence the development of PPPs in Zambia and SADC, to facilitate the attaining of the Millennium Development Goals.
Dr. Olusegun Babaniyi, Country Director, World Health Organization Zambia

13:20 - Chairman's closing remarks


(First Journalists' Briefing 13:30 to 14:00)


14:45 - Chairman’s opening remarks and introduction of the afternoon presentation, introduction of BD, key sponsor’s workshop

14:55 - Partnering for Life - BD’s Collaboration for Care

BD is a global Life Science Partner working to prevent HIV/AIDS and TB through testing, diagnosis, research and development, medical training, and in Private Public Partnership collaborations with governments and other partners across Africa.
Lead by Belinda Ngongo, Educational Programs Manager Africa, BD Global Health, and Dr. Mwansa Munkanta Mataka, Regional Marketing Manager Africa, BD Biosciences

17:30 - End of Day II

(Second Journalists' Briefing 17:30 to 18:00)


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