8 February 2011
United Nations Conference Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 13:00 – 17:00

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8:45 - Focus upon Health and Medicare services in Africa

The annual Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference works in collaboration with National Business Coalitions, investors, and the private and public sectors to advocate PPPs, projects and programs, to reduce and eradicate the prevalence of infectious diseases in Africa. How the Organisers are working to motivate investors and governments to engage in conversations for this purpose. Introduction of Dr Andrew Suleh, Chair of previous Conference.
Mrs Kellie Whitlock, Development Manager, Times Publications

9:00 - Successes and Benefits of Past Conferences

A look at the achievements from past Africa health Conferences and the players and Governments involved. Introduction of Chair Person for the IV Corporate Africa Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference.
Dr Andrew Suleh, Head of Kenya Medical association

9:25 - Welcome ceremony and opening remarks

Introducing the conference objectives: promoting private public partnerships (PPPs), bringing expertise and best practises of corporate investors into collaboration with the public, and private sectors’ supplier chains to increase resources available for prevention and care programs and projects relating to HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria across Ethiopia and the region; outlining the key sponsors, conference sessions, workshops, and plenary sessions:
Dr Fuad Temam President of Ethiopian Medical Association

9:35 - History of health and Medicare in modern Ethiopia

Health and Medicare in Ethiopia during the reign of Emperor Haile Sellasie, the royal era, the era of the Dirge, and since democracy in 1991.
Mr. Abebaw Derso, Assistant Director, Medical Services Directorate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health

9:55 - Chairman Remarks and introduction of the Honourable Minister of Health Ethiopia

10:00 - Opening Address

Opportunities for Private-Public-Partnerships in Ethiopia The PPP landscape in Ethiopia, factors influencing the progress of PPPS, including the capacity of the private sector, and how successful PPP programs could channel into the national health infrastructure (hospitals, clinics, communities and health insurance agencies) to build capacity and play an integral role in the national response strategy to HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria. Opportunities for PPPs with foreign investors.
Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Health Minister Federal, Ministry of Health, Ethiopia


10:50 - Chairman’s opening Remarks

10:45 - Partnering to Promote Gender Equality to Empower Women and Girls Across Africa

The pursuit of gender equality to realize empowerment of women and girls is paramount if the countries of Africa are to attain the MDGs. A look at the services of Bayer, a life science company, working in partnerships in Africa to achieve equality of gender through family planning, training for healthcare workers and education, leading directly into the empowerment of women and girls, while increasing prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria; and how it channels back into societies to enhance development, adding value to poverty reduction, markets, communities, and regions.
Mr Klaus Brill, Vice President, CCR, Bayer

11:15 - The state of Health and Medicare in Ethiopia

A look at Ethiopia’s frontline Medicare services, including key private and public hospital; hospitals with international standards, their capacity and capabilities in relation to consumers’ demands, in cities and nationally; availability and access to medicines and other treatment programs, specialist hospitals (women, eyes, children, maternity, hospices etc.,) higher professionals (doctors and nurses), patient ratios, teaching / university/ training hospital etc.
Dr Abraham Endeshaw, Director, Medical Services Directorate, Ethiopian Ministry of Health

11:30 - On the Frontline with Ethiopia’s main Hospitals

Challenges surrounding service delivery in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city, and how frontline hospitals are meeting very high consumers’ demand for treatment with limited resources for allocation, and the impact this have upon prevention and care of both communicable and non communicable diseases.
Dr. Lia Tadesse, CEO, St Pauls Hospital, Ethiopia

11:45 - Reaching the Health Millennium Development Goals

The World Bank’s contribution to facilitate Ethiopia and other African countries to achieve the health related Millennium Development Goals? How they are working to support healthcare in Ethiopia.
Dr. Feng Zhao, Senior Health Specialist, AFTHE, World Bank, Ethiopia

12:00 - Relief for HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia and Africa

The work of the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief in Ethiopia and surrounding countries in the region to bring relief to communities suffering from HIV and AIDS. Dr. Carmela Green-Abate, Coordinator, Ethiopia, PEPFAR

12:15 - Chairman’s remarks and introduction of the TB plenary and Panel Discussion


12:20 - Sharing Best Practices using Mobile Phones to Scale up Prevention

The exploitation of mobile phones in Africa’s successful mobile telephony industry in the prevention of HIV AIDS, Malaria and Malnutrition across the region. Access to cellular phones is growing at phenomenal rate across Africa and the continent can take advantage of this digital revolution to reach out to its remote communities to scale up access to prevention and care for infectious diseases. With good training combined with mobile phones, local communities and village workers can be a part of health service delivery systems and work to bring best practices in pursuit of prevention and care.
Chaired by Mrs Therese Lethu, Actevist-Group Consultant, former Global Business Coalition Director Panelists: Dr Jeffrey A. Hoffman, CEO, Danya International, Inc., USA, Burt Houtz, Program Director, BD/PEPFAR Laboratory, Mr. Tesfaye Getnet, Member of Parliament, Ethiopia

13:25 - Chairman closing remarks



14:50 - Chairman’s opening remarks and introduction of the afternoon presentation, introduction of BD, key sponsor’s workshop

14:55 - Partnering for Life including BD’s volunteer trip to Ethiopia

BD is a global Life Science Partner working to prevent HIV/AIDS and TB through testing, diagnosis, research and development, medical training, and in Private Public Partnership collaborations with governments and other partners across Africa.
Lead by Detlef Siewert, BD, Business Director / Leader Global Health / Europe/ Middle East/ Africa, and Butz Houtz, Program Director BD/PEPFAR Laboratory

17:30 - End of Day II


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