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The Third GBC (Global Business Coalition) Corporate Africa Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference built upon the successes of the first conference in Ghana in 2007, and the shortcomings experienced in Nigeria in 2008. The event was hailed as a great success. It achieved an attendance of 150 delegates on the first day and 20 journalists. The Conference had already established a sound reputation for promoting private public partnerships across national health and Medicare services in Africa, strongly supported by investors and governments. The event took place at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya, from 12 to 14 July 2009. It was chaired by Dr. Andrew Suleh, Chairman of Kenya's National Medical Association.

The Third GBC Corporate Africa Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference 2009 was supported by the Kenyan Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, the East African Community Secretariat, Ministry of Health Cote d¡¯Ivoire and leading Health Science companies and investors including BD, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, La Gray Chemical Company, DHL, AngloGold Ashanti, and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Conference Programme

The programme for the Third GBC Corporate Africa Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference consisted of several formats including:

  • Plenary sessions featuring excellent and thought provoking presentations
  • Internationally acclaim speakers and highly interactive discussion sessions
  • A total of 32 speakers, 1 chairperson and delegates from 17 countries formed the core of the conference and thematic workshops. In total there were 150 delegates.


The conference commenced with a presentation from Kellie Whitlock, outlining the content of the event and informing the audience that the GBC (Global Business Coalition) is no longer a part of the Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Conference. The GBC had started their own event, that aimed to develop the skills of their members, which augurs well for African nations if it were to lead to an increase in their members capabilities to invest in healthcare. Kellie thanked the GBC and sponsors for their support over the last three years and looked forward to a stronger and deeper Partnerships for Prevention and Care across all African nations.

The conference was filled with exceptional presentations but several received multiple feedbacks from all in attendance. Notable presentations that evoked strong responses included Dr. Nathan Mulure of Novartis, who spoke about Malaria tablets and the response of children in Kenya to bitter and sweet varieties; Detlef Siewert, BD, short film about HIV and TB followed by their workshop attracted much interest, and Dr. Mark nelson from Westminster Hospital, London who spoke about the importance and role of nurses in caring for HIV/AIDS patients. His name was on the lips of the audience following the presentation. The Honourable Health Minister¡¯s speech was vibrant and welcoming; she spoke about investments into health and Medicare in Kenya, and declared her Government¡¯s support for PPPs (Private Public Partnerships) across national healthcare.

The last workshop was by Novo Nordisk. It promoted Diabetes in Africa and the problems experienced by Diabetics living with HIV and TB. The workshop was not so well attended but the audience were all specialists looking to build on their understanding about Diabetes in Kenya and Africa, and how it could be better controlled and resourced.

Honourable Minister of Public Health, Beth Mugo, during the Corporate Africa Health Conference in Kenya
Dr Andrew Suleh, president of Kenya Medical Association (left), and Detlef Seiwert, BD Business Director (right).
Dr Mark Nelson, Westminster and Chelsea Hospital, UK