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Corporate Africa, since 1994 has been working with investors, governments and the private sector to further their interests; guiding them to decision makers controlling investment flows, partnering opportunities, project finance, foreign direct investments, and joint ventures. Corporate Africa achieves its objectives through highly targeted B2B titles, conferences, exhibitions, workshops; and high level meetings and seminars promoting human capital and infrastructure;

mainly health and Medicare. Opportunities in African markets are promoted to global investors and, regional and international developmental agencies. Subsequently, they enter into conversations with political and commercial leaders about private public partnerships; andwith their supplier chains about strengthening networks and service portfolios to build capacity in national and regional Health and Medicare industries in win-win partnerships.

With its focus upon private public partnerships between governments, investors, and the public and private sectors, the Africa Health Conference focuses upon prevention and care of infectious and prevailing non-communicable diseases (Diabetes, Cancer). It is an excellent opportunity for the private sector, governments, and other stakeholders to engage and showcase opportunities and their services to foreign investors seeking positions in the region.

Participants in the Partnerships for Prevention and Care Africa Health Reports and Conferences include governments, investors, company directors, health and Medicare professionals, public health directors and coordinators; and developmental agencies and National Business

Coalitions combating HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria. The Conference offers an international platform upon which the private and public sectors and their partners can engage about opportunities to build private public partnership projects and programs to fill key gaps in the care and prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, Diabetes and Cancer in women and girls.

The Conference offers a first class opportunity to businesses, investors and health and life science corporations to engage new opportunities in targeted African markets for their products, and to support governments' national response strategies in their coordination, and mobilization of resources to prevent diseases. It is also a major platform to showcase technology and services.


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